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The Brotherhood Series

One single night. One perfect kiss. One undeniable connection. That's all it took for the most captivating man I've ever met to anchor himself within my soul. Deeply enough that I can't help reliving our stolen moment in time over two years later. So when my best friend offers me a job as his PA at his long-estranged brother's company, I'm floored to discover our boss is the same man from that night. His older half-brother, reclusive billionaire CEO Henry DeMarco.

But he's aloof. Cruel. Wholly at odds with the man from my memories. Not to mention, he's strictly off-limits! On the outside, he has it all. Power. Wealth. And a face that has panties spontaneously combusting left, right and centre. Men want to be him. Women want to be with him. And he takes it all as his prerogative; consequences be damned. Until his hard-won defences begin to shift in their foundations. Allowing me to glimpse beyond his harsh exterior, to peer intensely inside his hidden, hollowed heart.

Will I be able to find the truths that lay painted within?

Painted Truths is the first book in the standalone interconnected Brotherhood series. It is a dual POV, spicy contemporary romance with themes suitable for readers aged 18 and over.


Tall, dark and handsome as sin. With a smile that speaks to my soul. Nathaniel Hawthorne is the epitome of the perfect man.

But 12 years older and worlds wiser, my brother’s best friend doesn’t long for me the way I crave him. He made that crystal clear when I kissed him last year, spurring him to leave London. To leave me.

Missing his guiding presence, I try to put aside these unrequited feelings, but I screw up. I do something I can’t take back, and from which there would be far-reaching consequences should the truth come to light. Despite our months of radio silence, I instinctively reach for the person I trust most, and true to form, Nathaniel doesn’t hesitate.
He’s ready and willing to slay my demons alongside his own when he whisks me away to his childhood estate.

Our bond, once vulnerable, grows stronger by the day, but the unwritten rules of friendship stand. Yet, something feels different. How his eyes caress me, how his hands touch me, how right his body feels beside mine at night—this can’t be mere friendship. Might my feelings be reciprocated? Could there be a way to break all the rules and still find a happily ever after… together?

Unwritten Rules is the second book in the standalone interconnected Brotherhood series. It's a friends-to-lovers, forbidden age gap angsty romance about a swoony hero and his snarky heroine with a movie-worthy HEA guaranteed.


My heart never stood a chance. From the first time I laid eyes on Caden North, it beat only for him. We'd planned on forever...

But when you meet your soulmate at eight years old, plans can change. Loyalties can shift. And young hearts can break. I was sixteen when I broke mine... and his. The day I ran from the only home I could remember, leaving him in the arms of another.

He grew up to become one of the most sought-after musicians on the planet, all while I witnessed his triumphs from the shadows. Until I'm faced with my worst nightmare and left with no option but to return. I know all I'll receive is hate when I finally share my truth. Except I'm so wrong.

He stuns me with a proposal I would never have expected - and one I simply can't refuse. Stay with him. For one week. Seven days to fall in love with him. However, the longer I stay, the harder we fall. And when revelations of the past shatter his trust in me, can our love be strong enough to fix what's been broken?



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